Plants and ornamental mediterraneal flowers



Our best guarantee is to be the leader of the ornamental horticultural market being present in Europe. Our commitments to present and future projects make us being leaders.
Total Quality

Our production centers provide the ideal climate conditions to guarantee their quality.

We work with the best raw materials of the best quality which contributes to the correct plant feeding and which results are less aggressive for the environment.

All our nurseries have certificates of traceability in terms of production, issued by the Dutch company MPS.

We are the first Spanish company who works in getting the new MPS Florimark Trade Certificate which certifies the traceability of our products and the good commercial practices. That will allow us to certify our Total Quality process from the production to the commercialization.

Clear customer focus

We personalize our customer’s orders so as to make them the most suitable for final customers and an increase in sales.
We have a high production capacity of varieties which is perfectly adapted to market demand, and ensuring the best quality-price relation. In addition to that we offer a high flexibility regarding to packaging, labels, volumes, varieties etc.


We constantly carry out investigations. That allows us to develop new varieties, different colors, news sizes, and presentations which are our main challenge and competitive differentiation.

Production expertise

We have 50 years sector experience, and a professional team committed to innovation in plant varieties, sizes and presentations.

Commercial expertise

Our substantial expertise warrants the logistics and distribution efficiency. We devote to them 25000m². We manage and deliver orders in less than 24 hours.

Environnemental protection

We are committed to the environment. Indeed, we participate in the zero west project of the Generalitat Valenciana and we use installations which are adapted to the recycling of organic materials, plastics and phytosanitary packaging. What is more, we also participate in a project of photovoltaic energy installations so as to ensure a responsible consumption.
Energetic efficiency

Our productive system seeks the energetic efficiency, so called C.M.N (Minimum, Necessary Consumption) based on the actions below:

  • Rigorous control of nutritional and water needs of each cultivation.
  • Use of slow release fertilizers which enables the cost minimization and avoids fertilizers leaking into aquifers.
  • Efficient water consumption by means of localized irrigation system.
  • Electricity saving by the installation of double- layered plastic film greenhouses.
Continuous training of our employees

That allows us the development of a team work with professionals committed to innovation and to our customers, because one of our main objectives is to work for a same goal within the ornamental horticultural sector and to satisfy the present and future needs of all the stakeholders.